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Staff Directory

Best way to get in contact with your child’s teachers? Email. 🙂

We always do our best to get back to you asap! Most email address for New Frontiers School Board personnel are first initial, last name. (John Smith = jsmith@nfsb.qc.ca)

Not sure how to get in touch with someone? Don’t see your child’s teacher in the list? Email harmony@nfsb.qc.ca and we will get back to you asap!

Office Staff

Pascale Caouette Principal
Aliyah-Jade Hunte Secretary


Stacee Hutchings, Teacher – English
Elizabeth Lefort, Teacher – French
Cathy Arseneault, Attendant, Daycare Educator
Ariane Poissant, Attendant

Christina Xenos, Teacher – English
Milena Hristova, Teacher – French
Sarah Burrell, Attendant, Daycare Educator

Emily Cuffey, Teacher – English
Jade Brunelle, Teacher – French
Heather Meehan, Attendant
Caitlin MacLeod, Attendant, Student Supervisor

Sylvie Carmel, Teacher – French
Lisa Hutson, Teacher – English
Adele McCrory, Attendant

Julie Turbide, Teacher – French, Resource
Sheila Shanahan, Teacher – English, Resource
Allison Whalen-Black, Attendant

Rim Jiziri, Teacher – French, Art
Penny Bonneville, Teacher – English, Resource

Shawn Flanagan, Teacher – English
Vincenzo Donato, Teacher – French
Lori Neil, Attendant

Lindsay Donegani, Teacher – English
Jolianne Hammond, Teacher – French

Marie-Claude Tetrault, Teacher – French
Vanessa Della Valle, Teacher – English


Valerie Descombes, Teacher – Music

Corinna Graham, Teacher – Physical Education

Support Staff

Heather Roy, Special Education Technician

Krista McLeod, Daycare Technician

Jamie Little, IT Technician

Tina Martin, Caretaker
Paul Dufort, Caretaker

Elyse Bourdeau, Cafeteria

Lynn Martel, Student Supervisor
Joyce Murray, Student Supervisor

Cheryce Bennett, Daycare Educator
Diane Poirier, Daycare Educator
Helen Vriniotis, Daycare Educator
Bryanna-May Warren, Daycare Educator

Marianne Christie, Psychologist

Wendy Brydon, Speech & Language Pathologist

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